Why Tricot

We strive to make your buying experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. From our stock service ordering system to our quality guarantee and financial & logistic support, at Tricot it is the little things we do that make all the difference.


Our acute attention to each and every order ensures the high quality and fault free product our customers have learnt to expect - this is one of the reasons why we can proudly state our customer retention rates are over 90%.

Our experience

Tricot is part of the Golyan Group, a family owned company who have been part of the textile industry in Nepal for over 60 years. Tricot alone has 12 years of experience and expertise dedicated to delivering our customers luxury products that suit their specific requirements.

It’s not just Cashmere

We produce products from a variety of materials, including wool, silk, linen and 100% organic cotton. We diversify to accommodate the ever changing needs of the market without compromising on our quality.

Bespoke Samples

Want to see a sample of your design before you buy? We are happy to develop garment samples to your exact specifications so you can make a fully informed decision before making your investment.

Our Stock Service System

Our unique stock service system is the first of its kind in Nepal and reduces your costs by reducing your inventory. Order what you need, when you need it and we can get your products delivered to you within a week. Read more here or start ordering now !

Quick turnaround times

Made to order and bespoke ranges can be manufactured and delivered to you within two weeks of ordering. To read more about this fantastic service click here now.

Low minimum orders

Our minimum order is only 25 pieces per style which means you can have your own bespoke range with the luxury and quality you expect from Tricot products. If you require an even smaller run, then let us know – we can always work on a solution to suit you.

Accessories and tags

Whether you need brand labels, care labels, bags, buttons or zips we are on hand to help develop and execute any specific garment personalisations you require. Please note: certain bespoke accessories require advance notice and minimum orders may apply.

Duty Free

Our goods are free from import duty into Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Many more countries throughout the world will also provide subsidised duty to help you with the financial costs involved in importing our high quality products.


At Tricot we stand by our product and, when you buy from us, we make a promise to you. In the unlikely event that we have made an error with your order or that the products supplied are in any way faulty, we will replace them quickly and efficiently.

The Tricot Guarantee

We offer a 100% lifetime refund guarantee if the purity of our cashmere does not meet with international standards. And we are also happy for you to pass this guarantee on to your consumers!


Our customers, both big and small, like working with us and keep coming back, that’s because they know they can rely on us. Whether it is the quality of our products, our quick lead times or our lifetime guarantee, our main aim is to keep all our customers happy.

Logistics Support

Our dedicated logistics support team work with you to make sure your product is delivered quickly, wherever you are in the world. Whether you want to pick up the goods yourself or have them delivered to your door – let us look after it and take the hassle out of your logistics.

Financial Support

Low on your cash flow? We can offer you a delayed payment plan of up to six months through a Letter of Credit. Tricot is part of the Golyan Group with a turnover of USD 150 million, benefit from our strong financial foundations and save money by working with us.

Supplier Support

We believe in building long-term relationships with our suppliers, most of whom have been working with us for over a decade. These strong relationships allow us to offer a consistent quality of product to our customers at very competitive prices. Our supplier network is as important to us as the cashmere itself.

Quality Control

Our products go through around 16 checkpoints before they leave our factory and this is monitored by a dedicated team of quality control experts. Tricot standard instructions are simple, nothing leaves our factory unless we are certain the product is perfect and conforms to the highest of quality standards.

Production Control

We are the only company to use Autosweat, a production control software that allows us to be in complete control of your orders. This results in better planning, reduced errors, increased efficiency and cost savings - which we can then pass on to our customers!