Factory Outlet

The Cashmere Outlet is the factory store of Tricot through which we sell our surplus. We always have extra yarns left at the end of each season that are in the latest trending colours. We use these to make beautiful sweaters to sell from our stand-alone factory store located in the heart of Kathmandu on Durbar Marg.

All the stock is fresh and made with the highest quality raw material, just as we would make for any of our important clients. Rejects are NOT sold from our store.

The Cashmere OutletThe Cashmere Outlet

The Cashmere Outlet, Moti Mahal Building, Durbar Marg (above Benetton)

Tel: +977 1 4232885
Email: info@tricotnepal.com
Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00, 7 days a week