The History of Tricot

The Golyan Group and JV Partners set up Makalu Cashmere in 1999. Makalu Cashmere grew from strength to strength and in 2006 the group took over complete control of the company renaming it, Tricot Industries. The Golyan Group is Nepal’s leading private sector enterprise and has been in the textile industry for over 60 years. The Golyan Group is a family company based around core family values, most importantly honesty, integrity, reliability and transparency. At Tricot Industries we understand our customer needs and are constantly striving to maintain excellent customer service and high quality products.


Tricot today

Today, Tricot Industries has the largest knitting unit in Nepal and an extensive international client base. Over the last decade we have adapted to change and kept up to date with the latest technology and market trends.

Whether our customers are international fashion brands or small retail outlets, they can expect the same quality of service and luxury product as one another. Our long standing supplier and customer relationships are testament to our status as a world class cashmere manufacturer.


Mission statement

Tricot Industries is devoted to its customers and in delivering consistently high quality products fast and efficiently with competitive prices for luxury products. Our mission is to become the leading supply chain partner in flat knitwear across the globe whilst continuing to uphold our core company values.


Client Experience

Our international client base is wide ranging, from household names to small boutiques we value each and every one of our customers. We have low minimum order quantity so we can easily work with more and more small businesses and designers and we have developed design and colour forecasting to help make your buying decisions easier.

Some of our clients include Allude, DAKS, Benetton, Max Mara, Ciocca, Tommy Hilfiger, CAMIF, Cashmere House, SOR, Burton, Reder, Peek & Coopelberg, Rossopuro, Alain Figaret, Franz Kraler, L, Il Lanificio, Engelrelst, Andrew James, Carnaby’s, Finshley & Harding, Braun, Bailly Diehl, Loden Frey, Fabivs, M Project, Herzensangelegenheit, Prego, Mallonian, Scott & Castle, Mitchell Ogilvie, Anne Meran, Durban, Colour Plus, Zodiac, Wills, Cipriani, Sergio Vellatta, Sandra Portelli, Emilio Santi.



Our employees are our most important assets. They are the ones responsible for our consistently high quality products and excellent customer service. We take care of our workforce by providing good working conditions, high wages and by complying with all local labour laws. We are happy to say that it is company policy not to employ anyone under the age of 18.



We understand how precious our planet is and we make constant changes to our equipment to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful country of Nepal surrounded by stunning landscapes and mountain ranges, we want to keep it that way.


Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is important to us and reflects our core values as a family owned company. The Golyan family has adopted two villages in rural Nepal with the view to providing a regular and sustainable source of income for each village and our vision is to replicate this model throughout Nepal. We are currently starting a project to help villages in remote mountain areas to grow and breed cashmere goats, we are excited about this venture and look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress.